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  1. Every time your drinking post here!
  2. bronzeblood

    Healers bane

    Aye @Quayeslan
  3. Ill try and get a zone clear done every Sunday 8pm NZST
  4. Every Monday night we will be running 1 or 2 Vet Dungeons. To get a reminder, open the event below
  5. Dungeons we could do, This is a temp test event Fungal Grotto (I & II) Spindleclutch (I & II) The Banished Cells (I & II) Darkshade Caverns (I & II) Elden Hollow (I & II) Wayrest Sewers (I & II) Arx Corinium City of Ash (I & II) Crypt of Hearts (I & II) Direfrost Keep Tempest Island Volenfell Blackheart Haven Blessed Crucible Selene's Web Vaults of Madness
  6. Yo I'm Bronzeblood "bronze" I'm a lead/admin . Need anything just ask. Mainly play Elder Scrolls Online
  7. Copy and paste the below into a new topic TITLE: "[LEAD PVE] {USERNAME}" or "[LEAD PVE] {USERNAME}" In-game Name: Rank: Experiance: