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  1. DvL

    Server Upgrade

    Server Upgrades have commenced. We are currently in the process of setting up all the permissions and server plugins for the best experience. Estimated Time For Launch is 2/11/20 This will be when all our current services will be online and to a workable standard for the users. However we will still be in the process of adding and upgrading many of our features. We are all about community and making you guys happy with our services. If there are any feature requests, do not hesitate to post them here or on discord. We are currentl
  2. Been a bit slack lately!
  3. Not currently up and running as I am writing the Gamemode from scratch. I will soon have a beta testing server up where I invite you all to come in and try and break it haha. Any bugs you find I would please ask you to report. Also anything that you can think of to add to the gamemode I am more than happy to accomadate if you have enough information and I think it will suit the gamemode. More information to come
  4. DvL

    Forum Rules

    General Forum Rules:These rules apply everywhere and should always be followed. Search Before Posting - SEARCH for keywords related to your query before you ask anything, most of the questions have been asked and answered before. Bumping old topics (even ones that are years old) is preferable to creating a new one on the same subject. Illegal Content - No warez, illegal materials or pornography. Multiple Accounts - Do not create alternate or multiple accounts. Discrimination - No racism or any other forms of discrimination. Don't Advertise - A link to a site relat
  5. DvL

    Dvl's Gang

    Never mind his guild name, look at his name. God i wish i thought of that name first!
  6. DvL


    Current Features: Future Features:
  7. DvL

    Server Rules

    Here is a list of some basic guidelines to follow, as these are only guidelines admins reserve the right to destroy any players structure and mute, ban, etc any players. We are a mature community and most of us are over the age of 18, so we're pretty chill about most things. Do not troll, harass, or bully other players in any way. Do not scam other players either on the Forums or in-Game. If you have a problem with Staff or Players, report them on the Forum. Do not destroy other people’s builds. Do not build pillars or tall structures without removing them after. Do not grief or i