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Locking Containers & Doors
You can lock your doors and containers so that only you can use/access them.

How to:
Chests, Furnaces etc: Simply Right click the chest with a sign and it will do it automatically
Doors: Place a sign above the door and fill out like the below


You can also put more names on the third and fourth lines, if you want even more names, place another sign with [More Users] as the top line
You can also use [Everyone] to allow access to everyone.
With doors you can also have a timer to auto close the door after a delay (In seconds) by putting [Timer:X] on one of the lines on the sign, where X is the number of seconds you want it to wait before closing

To edit a sign that's already placed: Right click on the sign then use the command below



You can purchase a defined area/region of your choosing for in game currency.
Current Price: $0.50 per block

Why purchase a region? Only you will be able place and destroy blocks, as well as using chests etc.

You can get your region setup anywhere in the world as long as its not already someone else's region or too close to someone else's structures.


/rg addmember <REGION NAME> <USER TO ADD>  || Adds a user to your region so they can build etc
/rg removemember <REGION NAME> <USER TO REMOVE> || Removes a user from your region to they can no longer build
/rg info || Shows info on your region (Only works in your own region)




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