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Cyberpuff || OG
MysticPoop24 || OG
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How to become a Member

To become a member of your minecraft community and gain access to out world we call Vega all you need to do is fill out the form below and reply to this topic, once a moderator sees it they will either approve or deny you, more likely the fore mentioned.  You will know as your post will be Edited by a moderator to say "Approved" or "Declined".  They will only edit your post AFTER you have been given the permission to enter Vega.


If you have a referee, that referee will also be given $1000 in game currency.

Note: We have no age restriction for out Minecraft server, we would just like to get a gauge on our users age, feel free ignore this field.

Your Join date will be the date you are approved, not the date you actually joined the server

Minecraft Name:
Any other info you would like to add:


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